Tuesday, July 03, 2007

fixed for now

I'm almost back in shape! My blog has been scrogged for a while as something was wrong with my image host and I didn't feel like digging up my FTP info to retrieve and host them elsewhere. But, for the heck of it, I looked under my "Important" folder of my Live Mail (aka Hotmail) Inbox and found one solitary email with... what is this... my registration info! So, I was quickly on my way to restoring my blog to its original glory.

I then downloaded the trial version of my favorite FTP app, CuteFTP, only to find out I didn't have admin rights to install on the bookkeeper's computer I'm using here in the Rectory...ugh... Well... "Maybe," I thought, "there's an online ftp app I could use." A quick Google Search provided, net2ftp.com. I plugged in my info and had my files in no time! Now... what to do with 'em... I remembered my friend Keith suggested Photobucket so I created a new account and uploaded my files. I then copied my Highly, Highly, Highly proprietary template code (hence my refusal to upgrade to the latest version of Blogger) into Word, did a search and replace of the image URL's, copied the code back into my template and tada! we're back!... almost... my sidebar is still bumped down below the body of the blog for some reason. And I need to re-find the Paypal image I used because net2ftp blocked it.

I'm happy for now. I hope to soon copy my template code into a new test blog (if I can still create a new one using the old version of Blogger), upgrade that one, fix the then-scrogged code to match my current blog, upgrade the current one, copy the good code into it, and be in tip-top shape complete with all the goodies the new version provides.

Did that make sense?

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