Saturday, July 14, 2007

vacation pics

As I promised, here are a couple pics from the annual "rafting trip".
Day1: ATV's baby! From left to right is Fr. John, Fr. Paul, me, Joe, and Fr. Bud. Fr. David and Fr. Philip actually went rafting. If you can't already tell, we were muddy, dirty, wrecks after about 5 hours on the trails of the West Virginia mountains. It was a blast.

For Day 2 we ditched the pontoon idea and just chilled at the house... which turned out much better. It was a huge, beautiful 1920's mansion and "bed and breakfast" all to ourselves complete with large screened-in porch, pool, hot-tub, big-screen TV and a bedroom and bath for each of us. It was a great vacation and continues to be important to me as I start to incorporate myself into the fraternity of the Louisville presbyterate.


Amy M. said...

That helmet makes you look like a Q-Tip!

I'm glad you had fun, even though Hilton Head would have totally been funner...more fun. Yes.

Matt1618 said... like a Q-Tip...

Amy M. said...


"I have a crush on every boy!"

Anonymous said...

Is that Father P or a Power Ranger?