Friday, July 13, 2007

P.O.D. Shot of the Week

Since I was on vacation, I didn't have a chance to post a P.O.D. Shot of the Week. I'll post a couple pics from the vacation soon. But in the meantime, here you go:

This one's a little more...sedate... than the others, but I think it's a nice choice. Featured on the left is retired Archbishop William D. Borders of Baltimore, William Cardinal Keeler, center, and Archbishop Edwin F. O'Brien, on the right. Archbishop O'Brien will be the new Archbishop of Baltimore, and my new "local ordinary," so to speak, while in seminary. This is an excellent choice as he is the only bishop in the United States who has been the rector of two different seminaries, St. John's Dunwoodie, and the North American College in Rome. And Baltimore happens to be the only diocese with two seminaries, St. Mary's Seminary & University in Roland Park, Baltimore and Mount St. Mary's in Emmittsburg, MD.

Anyway, back to the pic. I chose this one for its immediate significance and also to highlight Cardinal Keeler's dress. He's always had a knack for "dressing the part." Here he is wearing a scarlet cassock (proper to Cardinals), with a white rochet and, on top, the scarlet mozzetta. He also has his pectoral cross on what I think is a gold and scarlet cord, again due to his rank. Finally, he has a scarlet biretta in hand which would cover his scarlet zuchetto that is not visible here because of the direction of the shot and his hair. You can clearly see Archbishop Borders' zuchetto though, in the purple color of Archbishops.

Biretta tip to the Baltimore Sun for the pic and Fr. Jim Tucker's "Dappled Things" blog for definitions.

Congratulations Cardinal Keeler and Archbishop O'Brien!


Paul Stokell said...

Per Dom Bettenelli, the Archdiocese of Boston has two seminaries as well - John XXIII National (for oldsters) and St. John's (for everybody else).

Perhaps with the turnover of ordinaries in Baltimore and the departure of Uncle Bob at St. Mary's, some thing will change in terms of practices and attitudes at the school which Louisville has a long (and often troublesome) attachment with. Who knows - maybe Abp. Kurtz's Alma Mater (Overbrook!) could become an option soon.

Amy M. said...

It's nice to know all the "technical" terms for proper clerical dress. I always called the zuchetto a beanie...

...well it looked like one to me.

Thanks for the info, Matticulous (I just made that up, and I think I'm gonna stick with it).