Saturday, July 07, 2007

"hello motu"

Ah, I've been waiting forever to say that! hehe

Happy 7th of July everybody! Summorum Pontificum, issued "motu proprio," has been released today.

There are a couple translations to choose from.
Here is the Apostolic letter from: Vatican Information Service and Zenit with the same translation at each, only the latter provides the customary header and footer.
The same with the Explanatory Letter to Bishops: VIS and Zenit
Finally, VIS also provides an Explanatory Note from the Holy See Press Office.

For a slightly different translation of Summorum Pontificum see the Bishops Commitee on the Liturgy's (of course?) latest newsletter. Also included in the newsletter are the Explanatory Letter, "Twenty Questions on the Apostolic Letter Summorum Pontificum" (with a table comparing side-by-side what this document allows compared to what Ecclesia Dei ["the indult"] allowed before it) and "Ten Questions on the Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms of the Missale Romanum" (with a table comparing side-by-side the "Exraordinary Form" of '62 and the "Ordinary Form" of today).

Now then... let's see... ah, yes... for a cassock see Renzetti-Magnarelli but wait and get your fascia ("sash cincture") and surplice here or here ;) although Renzetti's is actually good for whatever you need. Or if you happen to be globetrotting to Rome stop by Mancinelli's, the pope's new tailor, breaking a 200+ year tradition with Gammarelli... or is I like to call it, Glammarelli :) sorry... no websites for either. Oh well, I hear you gotta "know somebody" to even get served there as a priest... let alone a seminarian!

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