Saturday, July 07, 2007

annual rafting trip

Tomorrow I'll be going on the annual summer "rafting trip" with some priest-friends of mine here in Louisville. I can't wait!

We go with Class VI River Runners exclusively now, they are definitely the best. Since we have a bigger group than usual going this summer, we're renting one of their country homes rather than one of their new cabins like we did last year. And since most of us are a little burnt out on rafting we're going on a guided ATV trip! Believe it or not, I'm from Owensboro, KY and this will be my first time riding a "4-wheeler." I hope I don't roll the thing on top of myself!! On the second day we may rent a pontoon boat and just hang out.

I'll see if I can take some pics and post them here when I get back. I've also got some pics of some churches I visited in the Diocese of Covington on a day trip a while back.

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Amy M. said...

Personally I don't see how whitewater rafting could be cooler than burning yourself on the beach with your brother and I, but, whatever...

Have fun :-P