Friday, July 20, 2007

Church Teaches Forum

I got back a while ago from Day 1 of the annual Church Teaches Forum here in Louisville. This is an all-star event:

5pm Mass. Celebrant Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz, Homilist Bishop Robert Finn
6pm Social Time
7pm Banquet with keynote address by Bishop Fagian Bruskewitz: "A Resume of Some Contemporary Issues in the Church, and Their Solutions"
Introduction by Abbot Edmund McCaffrey

7am Pray at the Abortion Clinic
8am Registration
9am Greeting by Fr. Edmund McCaffrey
Welcome by Archbishop Thomas Kelly :)
9:15am Bishop Robert Finn: "Protecting Human Life - The Authentic Lay Vocation"
10:15am Archbishop Raymond Burke: "The Mystery of Human Suffering and Euthanasia"
11:30am Mass. Celebrant Archbishop Raymond Burke, Homilist Fr. Edmund McCaffrey "Winning the Battle for Life with Mary"
1pm Lunch
2:15pm Fr. Tadeusz Pacholczyk: "The Science & Ethics of Stem Cells & Cloning"
3:30pm Fr. Roger Arnsparger: "The Priest: Sentinel & Prophet of the Sanctity of Human Life"
Closing: Fr. Edmund McCaffrey
Rosary: Fr. Joseph Hall

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Jason said...

Think I could see your notes from the Forum at some point? I definitely should plan on going next year. I didn't hear about this year 'til the last minute.