Saturday, May 26, 2007


I know my blog is a little hosed right now, but I can't complain: My uncle's business is hosting my images for free at the moment. It may not be until I get back to seminary that I can see what's up (unless he fixes it before then). I really don't want to setup CuteFTP here at the parish and try to dig up my connection info again.


Keith M. Cervine said...

hey matt, you can also use photobucket for free access, which is also available at the seminary (a big plus with St. Bernard :)) no ftp required. However that doesn't do you much good without the files... guess I am not a big help... anyway, hope all is going well this summer, God bless and I'll talk to you soon.

Laura H. said...

If your uncle can't host them, I have a ridiculous amount of space on my flickr account.

Amy M. said...

I can also host them on my site, if you need me to.