Thursday, July 05, 2007

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Here is a new Curious-Journal article that is surprisingly accurate and non-biased on Archbishop Kurtz reception of the pallium.

When the Most Rev. Joseph Kurtz is installed as Louisville's new Roman Catholic archbishop next month, he'll be wearing his new pallium -- a special vestment reserved for archbishops -- which he received last week from Pope Benedict VXI in Rome.

"It was a wonderful, glorious ceremony,'' said Kurtz of Friday's service at St. Peter's Basilica, where he and 45 new archbishops from around the world received the pallium. "It was really very moving.''

Kurtz, the bishop of Knoxville, is to be installed at a service in Louisville on Aug. 15. He replaces Louisville Archbishop Thomas Kelly, who has retired.

Kurtz was the only archbishop from the United States to participate in the ceremony in Rome, held once each year on the feast of Saints Peter and Paul, the patron saints of Rome.

He said in a phone interview yesterday that he was pleased to be included in the ceremony even though it meant flying to Rome on short notice as he wraps up his duties in Knoxville and prepares for Louisville.

"Rome was beautiful, the weather was great,'' said Kurtz, who arrived in Rome last Wednesday and returned to Knoxville on Saturday.

Several of his friends from Knoxville attended the ceremony, as did the Rev. Bernard Breen, vicar general of the Louisville archdiocese, and Brian Reynolds, the archdiocese's chancellor and chief administrative officer.

Breen said he enjoyed the service at St. Peter's, which he described as "jam-packed'' with friends and relatives of the 46 archbishops who participated.

"It was a very inspiring ceremony,'' he said.

Breen said the pallium, a wool band worn around the shoulders, is a little-known but very meaningful symbol of unity with the church.

Kurtz said Pope Benedict personally placed the pallium around the shoulders of each of the new archbishops appointed within the past year. The Pope also gave the homily during the two-hour service.

Meanwhile, plans are under way for Kurtz's Aug. 15 installation service at The Gardens, which will include a Mass and a choir from parishes in the archdiocese.

The Very Rev. William Fichteman, pastor of the Cathedral of the Assumption, which is the seat of worship for the archdiocese, said a committee is still working out details of the service.

He said church officials had considered holding the installation at the Cathedral, across Fifth Street from The Gardens, but decided they probably would need the larger facility.

Kurtz said he won't wear the pallium again until he is installed as archbishop. He said under church law, the pallium is to be worn only within the province where he is archbishop, which consists of Kentucky and Tennessee.

"I can't wait to come and be present,'' he said.

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