Monday, March 27, 2006

one day, God-willing, I'll be a Father too

From Amy at Refusal to Grasp:

"Spiritual parenthood, as a sign of the inner maturity of the person, is the goal which in diverse ways all human beings, men and women alike, are called to seek within or outside matrimony. This call fits into the gospel summons to perfection of which the father is the supreme model. So then, human beings will come particularly close to God when this spiritual parenthood, of which God is the prototype, takes shape in them." Karol Wojtyla Love and Responsibility

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Amy said...

You already are a father boo. I think fatherhood is a requirement for fatherhood. We are spiritual mothers and fathers to friends, to those who seek our advice, our love, our prayers. We can even, in a sense, be spiritual mothers and fathers to ourselves. I think already being a father, in that sense, should be the number one requirement for ordination to the priesthood. You're good to go!