Thursday, March 23, 2006

nerdy seminarian humor

Here is why my Philosophy professor, Dr. Paul Seaton, is awesome:

In my paper on Kass & Descartes (which stiiiiiiiiillllllll isn't done), in an attempt to be clever, I mimicked a line from Aristotle. In his Nicomachean Ethics, Book II, Article 5, paragraph 10, after defining virtue he says "So much for the genus of virtue." What he means is "This concludes our discussion of virtue" but I always thought this line was funny because we say "So much for x" today to mean "Well, that went down the tubes fast!"

So in my paper I noted how Kass comments that modern science "throws icy water on the human spirit." I explained that at length and then said, "So much for our icy water" along with a footnote saying "Sorry, I couldn't resist" and citing Aristotle.

But, Dr. Seaton left a note on my draft saying he didn't get the joke and didn't have a copy of the Nicomachean Ethics around.

So I sent him an email saying that I was scandalized that he didn't.

His reply: "Imagine how I felt! Empoverished, naked, violated, dark night of the soul, empty, …"

I thought that was LOL funny!

There's some nerdy seminarian humor for ya!

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