Wednesday, March 15, 2006

new book on the last weeks of the life of JPII

A new book is out that describes in detail the last weeks and moments of our late Holy Father, Pope John Paul II:

Archbishop Dziwisz recalls the moment on Easter Sunday, 2005, when Pope John Paul II appeared at the window of his apartment in the apostolic palace, but found himself unable to speak. The Pope's frustration was evident, and his secretary remarks that the "display of powerlessness, of suffering, and of paternal love" left "an indelible impression in the hearts of men throughout the world."

Pope John Paul was also moved by the incident, Archbishop Dziwisz recalls. It as at that moment, his longtime aide says, that the Polish Pope realized he could no longer carry out his work. He prayed: "Your will be done," his secretary reports. Realizing that he was approaching death, the Pope decided against a return to the Gemelli hospital, the book indicates. "He wanted to suffer at home, staying close to the tomb of Peter the apostle," Archbishop Dziwisz discloses. During the last day of his life, April 2, Pope John Paul took his final leave of his associates, the Polish archbishop reports. He prayed with them during the early part of the day, despite a raging fever and extreme fatigue brought on by a complete physical collapse. In the afternoon he uttered his last words: "Let me go to the house of the Father." Early in the evening, after a last glimpse of an image of the Virgin of Czestochowa at his bedside, he closed his eyes for the last time.
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John Paul the Great, ora pro nobis!

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