Saturday, March 18, 2006

full day

Today was a full day. This morning I got up and prayed at the abortion clinic from 9-10am... it was pretty uneventful. Then from 10am-1pm at the seminary, Douglas Brinkley was doing a book-signing for Parish Priest: Father Michael McGivney and American Catholicism. This is one of very few stops he's making to promote the book. I was a underdressed for the event because I had just gotten back from the clinic. He gave an interesting little talk to about the adversity Fr. McGivney went through in establishing the Knights of Columbus admist vehement early-American Anti-Catholicism.

There were tons of Knights there (including yours truly) which was cool to see. I bought a couple copies for "Cookie" Harris, the lady I've been working with to organize various pro-life activities. She publicizes our prayer vigils to her parish, volunteers at a Pregnancy Center, is involved with the Gabriel Project, and several other things. She's also the wife of Pro-Life Maryland State Senator, Andrew Harris (and here).

I then went to Mass at 11:30am and afterwards met "Cookie" at the Pregnancy Center to give her the books I got for her. I was able to help out a little bit which was cool. If anyone tries to tell you pro-lifers only care about babies in the womb, they're wrong. This particular center had tons of supplies of everything: formula, toys, beds, strollers, maternity clothes, everything. One woman came in wanting some supplies for a friend of hers who was actually so overweight that she didn't know she was pregnant! That gives a whole new meaning to "surprise pregnancy"... but anyway, the Center gave her a supplies kit that consisted of a baby carrier thing filled with a large assortment of different things... I helped her carry it to her car.

There was also a Chinese woman there who was studying to become a Doctor in China and was there for an internship. She was very sweet and pleasant to talk to while we were sitting together in the waiting room. I felt like congratulating her for even being alive... being a Chinese woman and all... we all know how much the Chinese hate their own women, let alone their own babies... grrrrrr.... anyway, she asked me some peculiar questions. She asked me why someone would want a baby? I replied that there's several reasons but ususally because they want a family. She said she had heard that people want to have a child because they think it would bring them happiness. I agreed wholeheartedly but was a little worried because her tone indicated that was a foreign concept to her. She also asked me why someone would not want to have a baby. I replied that some think it would be an inconvenience or too expensive. She just nodded her head.

She really came alive in response to the lady who had come for the supplies. She had had three of her own children with her. The Chinese woman was so excited to see them, she kept saying over and over "You're so lucky! You're so lucky!" I felt bad for her but I couldn't really put my finger on it... I wished I could have gotten to know her better.

The Center closed at 1pm so Cookie and I went to Panera Bread and had a nice lunch and great conversation. We talked until 4:30pm about pro-life stuff, our faith, the culture, politics, my "conversion" into a more serious faith, hers as well, my vocation story, our families, etc. It was great :)

I came back to "the house" took a nap, dinner at 5:30pm, and then continued to put my paper off and off and off and off and off and off........... ad infinitum.........

Note: Blogger's photo-uploader-divis is all scrogged up so I'll post pics later

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