Tuesday, August 14, 2007

more on the Vespers service

The Courier-Journal was present last night, covering the Vespers service with Archbishop Kelly and Archbishop Kurtz that I mentioned here.

New archbishop meets with priests.

Be sure you read the article to get a glimpse of his character. His homily and the Cathedral choir's performance made it one of the most beautiful services I've ever been too in our Cathedral.

See a photo slideshow here.


Speaking on the day's Scripture reading, he called on priests to live out their gifts "in a way that calls for unity in truth, and in charity."

"In truth," he continued, "that we will always embrace the gifts of our Catholic faith and teach and proclaim those gifts with accuracy and devotion. And in charity, that we will not be tempted to simply gather with people with whom we are initially comfortable, but rather we will always reach out to each of those with whom we serve."


Paul Stokell said...

You got some love from The Rocco - nice.

Be sure to give us pics of the Glorious Revolution!

Matt1618 said...

yeah, I know, cool! Will do.

Anonymous said...

Great photo!!!