Thursday, August 16, 2007

Kurtz's new Kentucky home

My reaction later (I've got a terrible cold...), but for now, here's the C-J on the Installation of Archbishop Kurtz yesterday.

Louisville welcomes new archbishop

Oh, and check out that crozier! ;)

Also coming soon: more pics (the C-J's slideshow that is associated with the article seems to not be working, if the pics show up for you, let me know) and articles from The Record when they're published online. You can also check out Peter Smith's blog. He's the Religion Reporter for the Courier-Journal. He's got about six posts on the Installation (look under "Previous Posts" on the right-hand side).

One more thing, here's a Q&A the C-J published in case you're wondering, "What's an installation? Will Kelly still be an archbishop? etc.

Correction: Gallery working here

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