Thursday, August 09, 2007

gear up for installation

In gearing up the Archdiocese for the Installation of our new Archbishop, The Record has been publishing a series of articles on Archbishop Kelly and Archbishop Kurtz. I'll try to collect them here. The search function on The Record's website has been hard to use, but never fear, Google Advance Search to the rescue.

For your future reference here are two links you can click on to automatically use Google's Advance Search to search The Record online for articles concerning Archbishop Kelly and Archbishop Kurtz.

On Archbishop Kelly:
Archbishop Kelly honored for his service
Editorial: Archbishop: servant of faith
Issues related to the Gospel, church teaching addressed
A range of subjects, issues have been addressed
Local church is 'healthy spiritually, materially'

On Archbishop Kurtz:
Editorial: welcoming new archbishop
Family, hometown helped shape an archbishop
Family life and service to poor shaped ministry
New Archbishop called 'kind and compassionate'

I've posted some earlier articles here.
More new ones coming soon as the web version updates to include today's new print issue.

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