Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Archbishop Kurtz, the retreat, etc.

Can't type much...gotta pack... leaving for the 10 hour drive to Baltimore with the three guys that are joining me there (!) at 6am tomorrow.

The C-J had two more articles on Archbishop Kurtz when I was on the end-of-summer retreat for seminarians. We have 6 new guys for the Fall, which puts us at 9. That's cause for much joy!

An opinion piece: A new archbishop
Sit-down with Peter Smith: City's new archbishop sees few big changes in first year
A recent entry from Peter's blog: Archbishop hopes for long stay gives more excerpts from his interview with His Excellency than the above article could include.
Reminder: Check out Peter Smith's blog for several recent entries on Archbishop Kurtz.

The retreat was awesome, the best one I've been too so far (this is my third). It was a great opportunity to get to know the other seminarians better. We prayed morning and evening prayer together and had daily Mass. And the priests on the "Vocation Team" gave talks which were helpful, encouraging, and supportive. In our free time we played Cornhole and "Hillbilly Golf" which was a blast. Oh... and we watched Becket one night... gotta love that excommunication scene!

Archbishop Kurtz spent the last day of the retreat with us. We all had breakfast together and he talked with us for about an hour before celebrating Mass. I was again impressed by his kindness and zeal. He even informed me that someone had referred him to my blog! That's OK :) I admit that the links I provide in the sidebar give a wide-open indication of my preferences on things and where I'm coming from... nonetheless, I hope he approves. I really do carefully consider each post before I click "Publish Post" because I know my vocation director checks in on me here from time to time as well. Plus, seminarians at St. Mary's who have blogs have to submit the address to the administration. I would act appropriately if any of the above expressed concern over this blog.

Anyway...after the retreat we had an annual luncheon with the Serra Club which provided further support and comraderie. Then off to St. Louis Bertrand for our group and individual photos. Beautiful setting... I was glad we had them taken there.

All-in-all an awesome week and I'm excited to return to St. Mary's with new diocesan brothers. Oh...wait... I think I owe you all (many?) my impression of the Installation. Here's a brief comment... I really gotta pack!

Archbishop Kurtz's homily was the highlight for me. It was beautiful. It is not very often that you hear a homily that comments on the second Mark of the Church (holiness), and that quotes the Catechism, Deus Caritas Est, Sacramentum Caritatis, and the first verse of the Magnificat in Latin to boot. He even honored our beloved Bishop Maloney and the history of our Archdiocese. It made a lasting impression.


Jason said...

I ran across another brief mention of the Installation here, in an article about Cordish Co's planned renovation of The Gardens. :)

While I say this in as much humility as one can toot their own horn (hmm), it feels good to be right about the predictions surrounding Kurtz' plans over on Paul Stokell's blog. Of course, some of Paul's predictions could still come to fruition, and I hope they do.

Jason said...

P.S. Good luck this semester at St. Mary's... catch ya on the flip side!

Matt1618 said...

thanks Jason, do you have the text of the article?