Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A visit to Our Lady after Holy Communion

Mother, upon my lips today
Christ's Precious Blood was laid
That Blood which centuries ago
Was for my ransom paid;
And half in love and half in fear
I seek for aid from Thee,
Lest what I worship, rapt in awe,
Should be profaned by me.

Wilt Thou vouch safe as Portress Dear
To guard these lips today
Lessen my words of idle mirth,
And govern all I say;
Keep back the sharp and quick retorts
That rise so easily,
Soften my speech with gentle art
To sweetest charity.

O Mother! Thou art mine today,
By more than double right!
A soul where Christ reposed must be
Most precious in Thy sight;
And Thou canst hardly think of me
From Thy Dear Son apart,
So give me, from myself and sin,
A refuge in Thy heart.

O Mary, O most pure Dove,
please intercede for me with
Your Divine Son Jesus,
for you are His Immaculate
Mother, and He can refuse
you nothing.

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