Friday, June 24, 2005

adventures on God's green earth

This weekend and all next week I'll be gone on various discernment adventures on "God's green Earth" (as Michael Medved likes to call it).

Today after work I'm heading to the Blue River for camping and canoeing with my discernment group, Men in Black. Our Vocation Director, Fr. Bill Bowling, is taking us and I'm pretty excited about it. He's bringing a few high schoolers who've expressed interest in the priesthood so I hope I'll be able to encourage them to pursue further discernment. This trip with them totally reminds me of something our late Holy Father did when he was a young priest, taking youth on adventures in the wilderness, sharing his joy for life and the priesthood.

I'll be back Saturday night, then going to Holiday World with the family, then on Tuesday I'll be heading to the New River for whitewater rafting with a couple priest-friends of mine and one of their friends.

I've never been whitewater rafting before and I've been assured it's "no big deal" but I'm still a little squeamish...I'm not much of an outdoorsie kinda guy. I guess the thought of sharing the experience with two priests that I greatly admire is comforting!

p.s. Here's another MIB group I found on the internet from the Diocese of New Ulm in Minnesota. Their Q&A seems orthodox enough but their promotion of the priesthood is a little gimmicky. The site looks cool tho!

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