Thursday, June 02, 2005

alot going on

Does anybody read this?

I hope to post about my interviews last one is tonight.

Hopefully I'll post before tomorrow...the family's going on vacation all next week to Hilton Head Island, and we're leaving Friday after work!!!


Un Séminariste said...

Matt, I check in from time to time... looking forward to hearing how things go, and about your acceptance to the diocese!

God Bless

JamesPB said...

lol.... just did a search(Louisville) at st. blog's and poof! (lol) Now that I found it, I'll be back.

Besides, it reminded me that I need to get back to my own decernment blog.(I've been


JamesPB said...

....Lazy that is...OOPS!

subrosa said...

dude, i've got you linked. ;-)

- anne