Sunday, June 19, 2005

busy weekend

This weekend I had spiritual direction with Fr. Paul Beach and it was very busy, but an awesome experience.

Here's how the weekend usually goes:


  • Emcee Mass at St. Martin's in Flaherty and then another at St. John's in Brandenburg
  • Return home to Louisville

What made this weekend particularly busy was the addition of St. John's parish picnic all day Saturday, a baptism after the Mass at St. Martin's on Saturday night, and a late night Mass at St. John's (9:30pm) for the picnic workers. Then on Sunday after the Mass at St. John's Father invited me to hang out with him and his family at BBC for lunch and a brew or two.

The weekend was awesome and a good example of a typical, busy weekend. We spent alot of time at the picnic. Father made a point to go to each booth and laugh and carry on with all of the workers and many of the parishioners and locals who came to the picnic. I usually hate small talk but I saw from Father that sometimes it's really the small talk that counts. It's good for a priest to be joyful and spirited. People like to see a happy, joyful priest who takes time to laugh and spend time with them. We even helped tear down the booths before the late night Mass.

The baptism was awesome :) My first one that I served. The little baby boy that Fr. baptized was completely adorable. They had him dressed up in a little white tux and he was completely content to receive the waters of baptism. The poor parents and godparents; I'm sure in every picture they'll see me in the background in my cassock and surplice smiling from ear to ear! I was so proud and happy that I felt like it was my own son! And the fact that the father was in the military and made a special effort to be there, made it extra freakin cool.

Next week I'm going rafting...I can't wait!

Mary, Mother of my weak but happy heart, Pray for Us!

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Peggy Hussey said...

I just want you to know how very proud of you I am. I know everything will go well for you. You are exactly where you were born to be!