Friday, July 29, 2005


Well, I'm finally all done with my essays and compiling application material for seminary. I just next-day-aired it all to St. Mary's. Now, from what I understand, they have a committee that looks over my materials and then decides to accept me from the Archdiocese of Louisville or not. Fr. Bill assures me that everything should be fine.

I'm so relieved to have all of that finished. I'm in a good mood and looking forward to this weekend's Frassati Society Young Adult Conference. They have a big one every Summer with different big-name speakers each year. I can't wait! Me, Di, and Danielle are driving up to Lafayette, IN after work. Jeff Cavins is going to be one of the speakers so I'm looking forward to hearing him talk. Plus, as a seminarian I'll get to stay with the other seminarians from that diocese which will be cool. I have 50 questions waiting :)

I'm thinking of posting my answers to the essay questions on here...what do you all think?

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subrosa said...

my vote: post the answers! :-)