Monday, July 11, 2005

I'm so proud

My best friend since freshman year in high school, Matt Hodskins, just informed me about an old coach from middle school that is entering seminary in the Fall at St. Meinrad!
I went to middle shool in Owensboro, KY (where I grew up) at Owensboro Catholic Middle School. You can read the story about coach's decision online here.

I'm so proud on mutliple levels! First that my hometown diocese has a new seminarian. Second that my hometown paper, the Messenger-Inquirer, covered the story fairly and honestly and that they even covered it at all. Allowing Owensboro's vocation director to have the quotes that he did is definitely not something you'd expect from the New York Times or Washington Post (or Louisville's Courier-Journal for that matter).

Please read the story, it's a good one. And pray for Coach Hohman and the Owensboro Diocese that other young men will respond with equal courage and generosity.


subrosa said...

what's up with all these guys entering seminary this fall? do you know anybody else who would do such a crazy thing? ;-)

Un Séminariste said...

Wow, that's great! My seminarian friend from Owensboro says that they have a lot of guys entering this fall - something like 8, I think. Good news!

Matt1618 said...

wow I didn't know they had that many! go O'Town! (NOT, this O'Town, this O'Town)