Monday, December 15, 2008

Season-after-Advent Visit Part 2

Here's some more photos of my visit to St. Mary's about a week and a half ago.

First, the Christmas Tree is ready for the party:

After a Closing Mass, we had a nice formal dinner then the Season-after-Advent party around the tree. We alternated between singing hymns together and watching various skits prepared by the guys, grouped by class or diocese. It was a lot of fun. The Pre-Theology class (Oh, those crazy kids!) did a great parody of many of the faculty. I would have laughed harder had I known it was pre-approved!
The next night some guys and I went out to eat in Hampden, a trendy sort of neighborhood near Roland Park. Now, I don't ususally go for "trendy" but I liked the restaurant we found, called Grill Art. My appetizer (French Onion Soup) and my dessert (some fancy cookies) weren't very good but the entre was spot on, a Bison Burger with cheese & bacon and homemade chips.
Here I am with Deacon Dan Hoffman, one of my best friends at the seminary. Oh and excuse my friend with the wine bottle, he's a little slow :)

We then walked over to 34th Street to enjoy some of the Christmas lights and a snowball fight

Then off to J. Patrick's, a hole-in-the-wall Irish Pub downtown. Good fun. Live Irish music. Good beer. Easy-going atmosphere.


Christine said...

Good to see you guys out having a wonderful time. Good to see all the smiles!

Matt1618 said...

Yeah, it was a really nice time!

Amy M. said...

Hooray for Christmas lights and Irish pubs!! I need to take you to RiRa's at some long are you going to be around on Christmas?

Matt1618 said...

just Christmas day, unfortunately, maybe the next day too :(

Amy M. said...

What do you mean...maybe? Make it happen, Matthew.