Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Season-after-Advent Visit Part 1

I had a great time visiting the guys at my seminary, St. Mary's in Baltimore, for their end-of-year, Christmas, er, season-after-Advent events. It was good to take a little break from the parish, catch up with good friends, and meet the new guys.

On Friday the guys were hunkered down with the last day of classes. So I went fly-fishing in the Gunpowder River south of Baltimore! This was my first time and it was pretty fun!... didn't catch anything though... my excuse is that it was too cold and the water was murky from new water let out from the reservoir. My good friend Fr. Paul Beach, on a day off from classes at CUA's School of Canon Law, took me along. He had all the gear, pretty impressive!

Here's me taking a stab at it. I look like a dork with Fr. Paul's huge jacket on and my jeans rolled up! I hadn't planned on fly-fishing!

Next up, pictures of the Christmas Tree, dinner out, lights on 34th Street, and an Irish pub!


Padre Paulus said...

don't blame the jacket for making you look like a dork!

Amy M. said...

*points and laughs* BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I'm laughing WITH you, not AT you...

Matt1618 said...

yeah yeah laugh it up hehe