Tuesday, December 02, 2008

pray for my pastor and his father

Please pray for the soul of William Kelly Bradshaw, the father of my Pastoral Year pastor, Fr. Terry Bradshaw. His family celebrated Thanksgiving the weekend beforehand and Mr. Bradshaw had all of his family around him at the meal when, after offering a blessing, he had a sudden heart attack. This was followed by a cranial hemorrhage which was inoperable. He died early Monday morning (11-24-08) at around 2am. Fr. Terry was able to be there with him the whole time and Anoint him along with an uncle in the family who is also a priest. Scores of people from Lebanon, KY and all over the Archdiocese flooded the funeral home to pray for Mr. Bradshaw and his family. Some waited more than two hours as the line extended out of the funeral home and into the front lawn. On Wednesday I was honored to serve the Funeral Mass at the gorgeous St. Augustine in Lebanon, KY with His Excellency, Archbishop Joseph Kurtz. I only met Mr. Bradshaw once, but from knowing his son, Fr. Terry, and from witnessing the great faith of his family and the love and admiration so many 100's of people had for him I can say he was loved by all and a man for all seasons. Mr. William Kelly Bradshaw, requiescat in pace.

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