Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kurtz collage

I haven't been able to post in what seems like a while so here is just a quick collage of articles on Archbishop-elect Joseph Kurtz:

First from Whispers (I'll quote Rocco before the "Co-Jo" [Courier-Journal] any day!)
-- Louisville Hits the Wire and 50,000:3 (on the outstanding ratio Kurtz presided over in Knoxville of Catholics to Ordinations)


More from The Record when it becomes available

And now... from the Co-Jo
-- The Archdiocese through the years (a typical crappy Co-Jo timeline)
-- Churchgoers eager to meet new leader (Money quote: "Kevin Dougherty of Oldham County, who has been attending St. Louis Bertrand about 20 years, said he hopes Kurtz is 'orthodox and traditional.' " hehe)

I still need to search the Blogosphere too...

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