Thursday, June 14, 2007


After a quick perusal through Google's blog search of "Bishop Kurtz" I fould a couple interesting pieces.

First, from the blog "the world according to oatney" of one of the faithful in Knoxville:

While it is very easy for people to wonder why the Holy Father would choose to take Bishop Kurtz away from here when he has done so much to build the Catholic community in Knoxville, we must remember that it is precisely because of Bishop Kurtz' success here that this is happening. In a time when much of the rest of Catholic America is struggling with an identity crisis, Bishop Kurtz has insured that our parishes are filled with those in teaching positions who are orthodox and who proclaim the faith in its fullness. Indeed, as we have witnessed, selective application of the Magesterium can lead to being sacked around here.

When other ecclesiastical jurisdictions in the United States are suffering from a shortage of priests, Knoxville has an abundance of them-so many, in fact, that we have occasionally farmed them out to other dioceses in what Monsignor Xavier Mankel has called "Holy Lend-Lease." When other dioceses are closing parishes and schools, we are establishing new parishes and building new churches. While other places have cut down on the availability of the Tridentine Mass, Knoxville
welcomes the old Rite and is looking for ways to celebrate it more frequently. As other local Churches shrink, the Church in Knoxville is growing.

It is little wonder, then, that the Holy See has taken notice of these developments and has chosen to send Bishop Kurtz to a larger diocese where his skills may be of great use to the universal Church.
From the latter link he provides, I present The P.O.D. Shot of the Day:

See more pics of this Second Sunday of Advent 2006 Mass celebrating the First Anniversary of Knoxville's Indult with Bishop Joseph E. Kurtz in Attendance (from Roy Ehman, Our Lady of Fatima, Alcoa, Tennessee).

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