Thursday, May 10, 2007

feast your eyes on this!

Ahhh.... yes.... finally, the Owensboro International BBQ Festival is here! And man have I been fiending for some mutton! It's been so long! And this year I can go! Last year I missed it because of a summer program I had to attend at seminary. I'm leaving eaaarly tomorrow morning to drive the 12 hours home so I should be in Owensboro by 7pm-ish. Then off to the BBQ Festival for 2 or 6 mutton sandwiches!
Feast your eyes:

Yes, that's BBQ chicken and Yes they're applying the sauce with a mop! Let's say a special prayer to our Blessed Mother that Blessed Mother parish, my home home parish beats every other parish in town in the Cook-Off!

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Amy said...

"Oh I'll just have like one or twelve..."