Saturday, April 22, 2006

on God or the girl

I've been watching God or the Girl and there were numerous times when I thought "Man, I can't believe I'm NOT watching EWTN!" This is an excellent show! It is a little overly dramatic. They aren't considering that seminary is discernment as well, it's like they gotta decide on the priesthood TOMORROW. Knowing that most approach the first two years of seminary as further discernment really helped me make my decision to enter. It almost seems like the producers of the show are the ones setting the deadline! Also, at one point... I think Joe's his name (?)... the 28 year old, blonde guy, said he was attracted to the priesthood because people put you on a pedastal. This is attractive, like he said, but it's not the purest motivation... but at the same time, we all have impure motives at first, then they get purified as we move thru seminary. Overall, I think it's a great show! I like the curly-haired guy's story the best - the guy that carried a cross 20+ miles to help him discern. Sweet!

Other thoughts: I gotta admit this show made me a little anxious! It brought back all the thoughts and worries I had when I was discerning! But it was good because one of the guys would have an insight on something and I'm thinking "yeah man, I thought that too!" and I found myself cheering them on! hehe It's been good. It's reminded me of the insights I came too that helped me decide to take the plunge. I've pre-ordered the series on DVD from the show's website. I hope to watch them again and then blog the insights that I shared with the guys so that I don't forget 'em.

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