Thursday, November 17, 2005

Pre-Theology Ministry Log 05

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Pre-Theologian Ministry Log

Date: Thursday, Nov 17, 2005

Event: St. Ambrose Family Outreach Center: This week very few adults were there, I think it may be because it was the first really cold evening and maybe people didn’t feel like getting out. So Vic and I only stayed there for an hour while he helped one young man. No one else needed help and the teens were playing basketball so I chatted with the teen coordinators at the front desk

Name the feelings you experienced during the event: I was talking with one of the guys that runs the teen program, Gregory, and he was so excited to hear that I had worked in software development before seminary. He talked about the calendar project that the teens were working on and I could tell how proud he was of the project and of the kids. He showed me the calendar they made last year and went on and on about how much work it took to make and how some of the kids were really sharp with computers. He wanted to much for me to help them with their next calendar because it would be good for the kids and they could learn so much from me. They wanted me to come Tuesday night (Nov 22) but I said that Vic would be going home and St. Mary’s likes for us to come in pairs. Besides, I have work study in the library that night from 7-10pm.

What was difficult and or troubling? Why? Nothing, although I did feel very tired.

Where was God in this event? In Gregory’s zeal for working with the teens.

What have you learned about yourself in the wake of this event? Nothing evident at the moment

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