Saturday, November 12, 2005

the abortion clinic

I just got back from the abortion clinic with Max, my fellow seminarian. We went to the 8:15am Mass at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen and then went to the clinic afterwards.

The Holy Spirit was very affirming today. First the Mass... and then after Mass, Max recognized a tall, slender, older French lady who used to join our community for Evening Prayer. She hadn't been coming because the seminarian that used to invite her graduated last May... so Max invited her. She said that she is praying for us every day and asked us to pray for her son. Seeing her really touched my heart. Then Max and I, feeling emboldended (sp?), went to the clinic and setup up our "Women Deserve Better" signs along the side of the road.

Before we knelt down on the sidewalk to pray a young lady who was walking in to the building (there's also a pharmacy in the same building... I think alot of people don't know the abortuary is in there) saw the signs we were holding and walked up to us. She said, "OK, what do got to give me? I have one minute." So Max, assuming she was pregnant and going in for an abortion, stepped up and just allowed the Holy Spirit to speak through him. He introduced himself and then told her that she was a beautiful young lady and a beautiful mother, not just in the future, but a beautiful mother now who deserves better than abortion and doesn't have to kill her baby. She said, "Oh, there's a clinic in there?" I said yes, and that we were there just to pray for an end to abortion and increase awareness of what goes on there. She said "well I respect you guys for what you're doing" and then shook Max's hand and left. I pray that we've planted a seed in her to change her mind about abortion if she is pro-choice or to have courage to defend life, is she is pro-life.

Then Max and I prayed morning prayer, a rosary, the Litany of the Holy Spirit, the Litany of the Blessed Mother, Ave Maris Stella, St. Louis de Montfort's Prayer to Mary, the Prayer to end Abortion, the Litany of the Saints, and Act of Contrition for reparation of sin, the Office of Readings, and other spontaneous prayers.

Praise be to God!

St. Gianna Beretta Molla, pray for us!


laura said...

sounds like a good day and a worthwhile trip (each one is i know). i really respect the people who pray there, especially with signs. ive done it several times and it is always very difficult for me to do.

Jessica said...

I love those "Women Deserve Better" signs/posters, they truly are a gift! God bless you both! ~Jessica