Thursday, November 03, 2005

Pre-Theology Ministry Log 03

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Pre-Theologian Ministry Log

Date: Thursday, Nov 3, 2005

Event: St. Ambrose Family Outreach Center: Tutored Ms. Jenkins for her G.E.D.

Name the feelings you experienced during the event: Today was Ms. Jenkin’s 48’th birthday, so she made Vic and I guess how old she was: I guessed 26 to be on the safe side ;) and then we both agreed on 36 :)

Each evening, after the people studying there have worked on English, reading, spelling, grammer etc. for one hour, the Sister in charge has everyone move to another table and start studying math, I guess so they don’t stay on one subject the whole time. When it was time to switch, Sister had Ms. Jenkins and I move to a table off to the side (I’m usually the only tutor in there besides Sister, so our talking could disturb the others studying).

Before we began the math lessons Ms. Jenkins said a prayer out loud that Jesus would help her understand math then she prayed another prayer silently to herself. I was happy to see her pray for assistance in her studies and to pray with her. After we prayed she began to tell me about how she had struggled with drugs in her past but she had been clean for 20 years. She said that Jesus didn’t let the devil snatch her out of his grip. I gave her a big smile and congratulated her. She said she’s trying to be a good role model for her children and grandchildren. She bragged about them, how they were all in school and doing well and had nice jobs and that she felt bad harping on them to stay in school when she herself dropped out after eighth grade. So that’s why she’s working on her G.E.D. so she can show her kids that she can do it, and also because she wants to get a better job. Ms. Jenkins is such a good-spirited and joyful woman, not “down in the dumps” at all, at least not from what I could tell (she’s a wild one alright!). All of the adults studying for their G.E.D. seemed that way, as a matter of fact… all very determined and focused. I’m very impressed by them.

Ms. Jenkins then asked me how she can stay on task with her studying because she’s always tempted to go home and relax or go out to bars with her relatives rather than study. I said that the little prayer that she said before we began is exactly the right idea, that she should turn to that prayer as often as she needs to, that the Holy Spirit help her achieve this very good goal. I also encouraged her that if she can kick drugs she can certainly kick distractions from studying! She asked me, “does someone intelligent as you are ever get distracted?” I laughed and said, “all the time.”

What was difficult and or troubling? Why? Nothing troubling, per se, just got a little nervous at the point where she began to ask me for advice… hoping I would know the right thing to say. I said a quick prayer to myself, for the Holy Spirit to inspire me.

Where was God in this event? In her prayer before we studied.

What have you learned about yourself in the wake of this event? Nothing new

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