Wednesday, October 12, 2005

vocation office group photo

Here is a group photo that was taken before we left for seminary:

On the bottom is Pablo Hernandez, to be ordained deacon on Dec 20, 2005. On the step up from him is Archbishop Thomas Kelly and Deacon Wally Dant. Next up from them is Linda Banker, Associate Vocation Director and Kit Afable. Kit just completed minor seminary and is taking a year off because at the rate he's going, he'll be canonically too young to be ordained a priest in four years (you have to be at least 25). At the top are Fr. Bill Bowling, the Vocation Director, myself, and my fellow seminarian at St. Mary's, Michael Wimsatt. I am in Pre-Theology and Michael is in 2nd Theology. My prediction: In ten years from now the number of seminarians in this picture, five, will have tripled :)

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