Wednesday, August 03, 2005

cards from Sister

Today was this month's Vocation Office planning meeting. We're planning our Dinner with the Archbishop, a night of prayer, vocation talks, etc in order to promote vocations. Sr. Joseph Marie from the Little Sisters of the Poor (who I love!) gave me a wonderful card of congratulations.

Like I said here, the more my Lord gives me to His Mother, the closer she leads me back to Him. I've noticed her in my life much more lately. The pics with this post are of the card Sister gave me. It's a card from the Marianists with three prayers and a certificate stating "Perpetual Membership in the Marianist Spiritual Alliance has been conferred upon Matt Hardesty who will share forever in the Masses, Prayers, and Good Works of the Marianists. May Our Lord and Mary, His Mother, send you good fortune, contentment, and peace. And my all your blessings forever increase. Requested by Little Sisters of the Poor. Signed Brother Ronald L. Overman, S.M. Director" (You can see the card here.)

Cool! I've never heard of this group before! Have you all?

Anyway, it's a beautiful card and I'm very appreciative. Here are the prayers inside:

God loves me... and calls me by name.
God sees me and understands me,
knows what is in me,
all my thoughts and feelings,
my likes and dislikes,
my strengths and my weaknesses.
God sees me in my day of joy
and in my day of sorrow,
sympathizes with my hopes
and my temptations.
God is interested in my anxieties and memories,
all the ups and downs of my life.
God encompasses me and carries me.
God sees me,
whether I'm smiling or in tears,
looks tenderly upon me,
hears my voice, the beating of my heart,
and my very breathing.
No one could ever love me
as much as God loves me.
God's love is today, tomorrow... and forever!

May the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit be glorified in all places through the Immaculate Virgin Mary
-- A Favorite Prayer of Father Chaminade, Founder

Lord, let me take each day
as coming from you
To give it back to you
with your Will complete.
And, dear Lord,
let me be kind.
Let me never be discouraged
or feel sorry for myself,
Because you stand beside me
-- every day.

Sister also gave me a couple of cards with nice messages from some of the residents at their retirement home! One of them even had a message from the great Bishop Maloney!

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