Thursday, May 19, 2005

joined the Knights of Columbus

Last night I joined the Knights of Columbus! I had been wanting to join for a while and had been talking on and off about it with Joe Calvert, head of KY Right to Life who is a Knight.

I've always had a "Knightly" spirituality so to speak. Since 8th grade, when researching who my patron saint would be for Confirmation, I was greatly inspired by St. Michael the Archangel and how he lead the fight of good aganst evil.

I still find this battle inspirational to this day, especially when contemplating my own daily battles against sin.

About the Knights, my grandfather was one and they did much for him and our family when he passed away. My uncles are also Knights and one of them introduced my brothers to the Knights a couple years ago. The weekend they went home for the Ceremony I wasn't able to join them so it's been nagging me ever since that I should join. Plus they do great work in the sanctification of society by promoting and defending Catholic teaching, fighting for the Pro-Life movement, and various other community services. They also promote vocations and support seminarians. If the Lord continues to lead me down this road to seminary, I know I may need to call on my brother Knights for their assistance.

Since I've had this blog, I'm noticing more and more the Blessed Virgin's presence in my life. She seems to pop up all the time! About a month ago I went to Adoration at the chapel in Kindred Hospital. On the way out I stopped in the vestibule to look at the various holy cards and pamphlets available. I found a small handy guide to the rosary that fit nicely in my wallet. After joining the Knights of Columbus (I'm bound by secrecy as to the details of the ceremony) I was given a rosary and that same little guide! I was very happy to learn how devoted to the Blessed Virgin that the Knights are.

Mary, Mother of the Knights of Colubus, pray for us!
...I wonder if it's OK to invent all of these titles for Mary that I've given her after each post!

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