Monday, May 23, 2005

discernment update

Well, on the discernment front, I finally got the report from my psych testing from Dr. Walsh. I got a copy and so did Fr. Bill Bowling, my vocation director. Friday we had our monthly Men in Black meeting which was awesome. We met at St. Bartholomew for a holy hour and evening prayer. Michael was in town! He joined us and it was awesome seeing him. Afterwards we all went out for pizza with the pastor. He's an elderly priest and it was nice hearing him talk about his early priesthood and the popes he's experienced over the years.

Fr. Bill gave me permission to begin contacting the people from the Archdiocese that I have to have an interview with. This is the last big step in the application process. I'm excited! I feel like my life is all topsy-turvy, disorganized, klutzy, and...slow... time ususally flies by for me but the days have been grinding on soooo sloooowly... and very unproductive, at least at work. I'm anxious to see if my mood changes upon recieving the final verdict from my vocation director when all this is finished.

Anyway, I've got an interview Thursday afternoon, Friday afternoon, and then two next week.

This past weekend I had spiritual direction with Fr. Paul and it was good as ususal :)

I feel like using this one again: Sacta Maria, ora pro nobis!

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