Thursday, March 31, 2005

easter and app

I'd been working on my essays for quite a while and scurried to get everything wrapped up before I went home for Easter weekend. The 'ol vocation director wanted everything turned in by Easter so that he could meet with his committee the following week to schedule interviews. Nick, my twin, was a huge help with proofreading despite his Bronchitis.
Next week I've got the first part of my psych evaluation on Monday and the second part on Thursday. That should be interesting, seriously, I'm looking forward to it. I've never really been probed psychologically before, only spiritually. Nothing should be too big of a surprise but I guess you never know...
I'm anxious to hear from my vocation director soon.

I went home for Easter and it was the first time I'd seen my family since the word spread around town that I was interested in the priesthood. Many of my aunts and uncles were in town and we all gathered at my aunt's house for the UK game. I was the center of attention but the spotlight was imposed, not requested...which always makes me feel weird. My mom's side of the family isn't Catholic, so there's not the same docility toward a calling to the priesthood that Catholics have. So I got the litany of questions like "Where did this come from? Don't you want a family? How could you be single all your life? etc etc etc" I tried to patiently answer everybody's questions, I can understand how foreign such a decision could be, especially in today's society were it's not really promoted in family life as a viable option anymore. I hope my answers were humble and honest. I prayed for the Holy Spirit to guide my responses. Thankfully, there wasn't any hostility toward my decision to discern the priesthood, just general confusion, and it was really just the general confusion most people feel when confronted with something so...different.

It was a great weekend, despite UK's painful loss :( It was great to spend time with my parents and extended family. My sweet little grandmother is already tucking away $50 a month (that my uncle is sneaking her) to support me in seminary and I haven't even been accepted yet! She's so excited :)

Mary, mother of vocations, pray for us!

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Matt Hodskins said...

Hey Matt,

Good luck on your new found adventure. May you path to seminary school be an experience of a lifetime. Can't wait to see you this summer!