Saturday, December 12, 2009

St. Martin's in NCRegister

I've always enjoyed the National Catholic Register newspaper and was browsing their website after not having read the paper for quite some time. They have a regular Travel column where they feature beautiful Catholic sites throughout the country. I was happy to see that St. Martin of Tours of the Archdiocese of Louisville was featured back in their Nov 8-14, 2009 issue! There is a very nice article on the history and the beauty of the parish. And I'm happy to see Fr. Klotter get national support. Check it out:

‘All Things Catholic’

St. Martin of Tours Started Its Revival in the Early Days After Vatican II

BY Annemarie Muth

St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church of Louisville, Ky., offers so much in terms of historical significance, an orthodox faith community, and sheer physical beauty. My friend Sue said it best, shortly after my husband, Ken, and I moved to the parish: “This is the center of all things Catholic.”

The parish is one of the oldest in the Louisville Archdiocese. Located east of downtown in the Phoenix Hill neighborhood, it was founded in 1853 by Bishop Martin John Spalding to help nearby St. Boniface parish serve its overflowing German-immigrant population.

The bishop named the church in honor of his baptismal patron saint, who began his career as a Roman soldier shortly after Emperor Constantine ended the persecution of Christians in A.D. 313. St. Martin’s life was one of unceasing prayer and courage as he served as bishop, sowing Christianity throughout Touraine. His feast day is Nov. 11.

Perhaps his intercession saved the church in 1855, when the Bloody Monday riots threatened to burn it down. The Know-Nothing movement had fueled suspicions that German immigrants and Catholics were interfering in the voting process. Mayor John Barbee finally brought an end to the violence that killed over 100 people and destroyed many homes and businesses.

St. Martin’s was spared.

Overcoming adversity early in its history may have galvanized the parish’s character as a survivor — that and the staunch faith of its members.

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