Saturday, December 05, 2009

Duckpin Smackdown

Yesterday was a downright wonderful day. After my Canon Law class from 3-4:15pm I went to visit He Who Is Canon Law Itself, Fr. Paul Beach, at CUA in D.C. We talked shop for a bit then went out to eat. I must say BW3's (do they still call it that?) Medium flavor wings are perfect when you tell them to leave 'em in a little bit to make them crispier. I would dare say they even rival the wings at BBC - but that's flirting with heresy (Can. 751). Their beer was worthless compared to BBC's microbrews though. After supper, sated and spirited, we went for a friendly game or two of duckpin bowling. In the wise words of Full Metal Jacket: "Private Pyle, I think we found something you're good at!" I gave a veritable duckpin smackdown to Fr. Beach. The first game was easy to call. But in the second game it came down to the last frame in which I bowled a spare followed by 8pins to take and secure the lead.

I made sure I scanned this score sheet at a high 600DPI so no detail was lost :) Thanks for a good evening Father! (click on the image to see a bigger size)


phatcatholic said...

haha! that's hilarious :D

Padre Paulus said...

I'm so happy that Matt could have even some small bit of joy in his poor and wretched life... even if it comes at my expense! haha