Wednesday, September 19, 2007

rockin the Trid

Hello again dear readers,

When I said "wait for it" on Sept 13 I was referring to the next day, Sept 14 when Our Holy Father's Summorum Pontificum (or here), issued motu proprio ("on his own initiative") went into effect. But, alas, I missed posting on that day... I tend to get bogged down in the minutiae of seminary life and all its various obligations... but that's another post...

Just for completion's sake, here's some helpful links.
Not to take anything away from the "very nice" statement by His Excellency, Archbishop Joseph Kurtz on the motu proprio, but Fr. Z contends that Bishop Burbidge of the Diocese of Raleigh has one of the best statements by any diocese. You can read it, along with Fr. Z's commentary, here. It's very helpful for learning the proper way to embrace and approach this document, both from the bishop's point of view and ours.

And don't forget Fr. Z's 5 Rules of Engagement.

There were many celebratory "Solemn High's" across the country on the 14th, including one right here in Baltimore at St. Alphonsus downtown. But, Msgr. Bastress made one demand: "I won't let you all get away with chanting the Te Deum without chanting the Magnificat too!" I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately though, I wasn't able to make the Missa Cantata at St. Alphonsus because I was helping direct the annual Bocce tournament here at the seminary. I wasn't able to defend my crown from last year, but my Italian comrade and I came in Second place.

There was also a Solemn High Mass, the first ever, on EWTN that morning. Did you catch it? If not you can order a copy of the Mass on DVD (definitely one to check out, if you've never been exposed to the now-called "extraordinary form" of the Latin Rite before). Or you can watch it online. And the very informative and inspirational homily that was given is available too (audio here). Another must-see is the Missa Solemnis narrated by Fulton Sheen, of blessed memory. You can watch a large chunk of it here. The theological explanations he gives during various parts of the Mass are very edifying.

Finally, for your P.O.D. Shot of the Week, here's Bishop Burbidge rockin' the Trid:

Sursum Corda
Habemus ad Dominum

"Lift up your hearts."
"We have lifted them up to the Lord."

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