Monday, November 06, 2006

Ralley in Raleigh

I thought I'd post real quick before the mad dash to Christmas gets in full swing (I have four papers due before Thanksgiving and five due after!)

This past weekend it was a tremendous blessing to travel with about 30 other guys from St. Mary's to the diaconate ordination of a dear friend to all of us, Tony DeCandia of the Diocese of Raleigh. This diocese holds a special place in my heart as I've grown to become good friends with their guys at St. Mary's and two Project Rachel retreats I've volunteered with there have been two of the most profound experiences of my life.

This ordination was one of the best ones I've witnessed (they're all amazing of course) and newly-installed Bishop Burbage's homily was the best ordination homily I've ever heard. This was his first ordination as a bishop so it was particularly special for him, the diocese, and the ordinands.

I was very impressed with Bishop Burbage. I've heard good things about him and they were all confirmed over the weekend. After the ordination Mass he approached each seminarian there and introduced himself. I was very honored to meet him and talk with him for about a minute. I heard afterward he stayed at the reception until the very end, giving every last person the opportunity to meet and speak with him. Lemme tell ya, genuflections and ring-kisses abounded ;)

He's also taken personal responsibility for vocations and instituted a monthly first-Friday holy hour for vocations (and here) in which he, himself, will be the presider. You can watch his homily from the first one here.

As their cathedral is the smallest one in the continental United States (besides the Military Archdiocese chapel in D.C.) and the second smallest in the country (behind the Diocese of Juneau), the ordination was held in the new but beautiful and largest parish in the Diocese of Raleigh, St. Michael the Archangel (my Confirmation saint).

Here's some pics:

And to celebrate his Ordination about a dozen guys had this surprise waiting for him when he returned to the seminary :)


Laura H. said...

Oo fun!

Do you think you might have a chance to explain exactly what the procedure is when you meet a bishop? I've only ever had the opportunity to meet two bishops and I'm afraid that both times, I did not give a proper greeting.

This ignorant Catholic would be most appreciative.

Matt1618 said...

Hey Laura,

Good question. Both an archbishop and a bishop would be greeted as "Your Excellency" or "Your Grace" (very British). For example, one would greet Archbishop Kelly as "Your Excellency." In writing to him, for instance, about how great of a seminarian I am(only kidding), you would address the letter, "The Most Reverend Thomas C. Kelly, Archbishop of Louisville," with the salutation, "Your Excellency."

In terms of other niceties...It's an acceptable act of piety to genuflect before a bishop but I personally wouldn't unless I suspected he wouldn't mind (like Chaput or somebody). Then when he offers his hand to raise you up, reverently turn it, kiss his ring, and stand. If he'd rather you not do either, he'll probably let you but then politely tell you it's not necessary. If you don't genuflect, you could kiss his ring if he offers it. I wouldn't grab his hand and kiss it even if he offered it in a handshake (which is different than offering it for a kiss). got it? hehe


Laura H. said...

I think I've got it. *scribbles it down on a piece of scratch paper and tucks it neatly in her sweater sleeve* haha.

That is certainly helpful information. Thank you!