Monday, October 23, 2006

new links

Since I've updated my blog, I've added and edited some links in the sidebar.
1. I've added a link to my twin brother Nick Hardesty's blog, phatcatholic Apologetics. Nick is the Apologetics Director for, a popular Catholic website and message board for youth and young adults. It gets 6 million hits and week and is currently the #31-most visited website in the "Catholicism" category at He's an apologetics guru and on his blog you'll find all the tracts he's produced over the years... very informative... check it out!
2. Former and beloved seminarian brother, David Myers has an awesome blog in which he shared some of his personal and religious artwork, Art is Servant. His blog has been in the sidebar for a while but since he's recently gotten engaged (!) I've, needless to say, moved his link from "seminarian blogs" to "favorite blogs". Way to go Dave!
3. Since St. Mary's trusty network blocking software has nixed, seminarian brother Keith Cervine has joined the blogger nation with his new one: Just a guy from Jersey
4. I've also added Amy Moca...uh...Monaco...uh...Mocha...uh...Manocchia! I was way off! She's Nick's girlfriend and has a nicely designed blog that is self-hosted: In the Meantime. She also designed Nick's cool St. Michael the Archangel-themed blog.
5. Finally I'm ashamed and feel like such a loser to admit that I've only known about Whispers in the Loggia for like one month! haha This guy's like the most connected Catholic insider in the whole world, or something like that. Case in point: The Raleigh guys here at St. Mary's said he knew about their new bishop before Raleigh did. Anyway, I'm addicted to his blog now so if you start reading, be careful! Here's his only inside info on the Archdiocese of Louisville so far. But, yunno how these things go... it's like trying to guess who the next pope will be and at the end of the day you just have to trust the Holy Spirit.

That's it, enjoy!

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