Monday, July 10, 2006


Ah man, I've been bad about posting and so much stuff has happened! My parish assignment is going really well. I had to put together a seminar for new and current lectors which went really well (maybe I'll post what I prepared), and I just gave my vocation story to the young adult group MOCA (Ministry of Catholic Adults) at my parish... which went really well too!

I just got back from a weekend of... uh... irreverence... ;) camping with all the guys in my family. It's a yearly thing... all the uncles, sons, dads, cousins get together and camp out at Lincoln Forest in southern Indiana. This time we celebrated my younger brother's Bachelor's Party as well so some of his friends came too. It's phenomenologically perplexing how often and easily we fall to the lowest moral common demoninator isn't it? (anyone have any comments to this point?) Thankfully I'm blessed to have family and friends who really respect what I'm doing, discerning the preisthood and all. I kept the swearing and bad jokes to a minimum this year.

Tomorrow I leave with two other priests from the Archdiocese and two other guys to go white-water rafting on the New River in West Virginia till Thursday then Friday and Saturday is my parish's summer picnic. After that, a retreat to Red River Gorge for hiking and camping with some guys in discernment. Tons of fun ahead!

Blessed Mother, pray for us.

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Laura H. said...

So much excitement... how do you handle it? :P