Wednesday, February 01, 2006

More Pro-Life Pics

Last week was crazy and this week hasn't been very hot so far either. So I'm just now getting around to posting more pics of the Pro-Life weekend in D.C., as I like to call it. I mentioned in my previous post that I wished I could portray better the size of the Basilica to those who haven't been there. Here's a pic I took in Fall '05:

Now, on to the Youth Mass for Life at the MCI Center. This thing was packed too. The floor was packed with seminarians, priests, and religious sisters and brothers while all the seats (20,000 of 'em) in the house were filled with youth and young adults from across the country. The priest in charge of Pastoral Formation and a few others from St. Mary's were part of the unfortunate group of 2000 people who couldn't even get in! It was an awesome Mass. As it was a youth Mass you had a lot of the popular Catholic musicians like Fr. Stan Fortuna et al and the music was typical praise and worship but without being obnoxious. The Mass was still very reverent. They had a wonderful youth gospel choir from one of the local Catholic high schools.

This was my first time going and I was glad to be able to go as a seminarian. One thing I had heard about and was anxious to see is the bit after Mass where Cardinal McCarrick does a little vocation promotion. First he asked all the seminarians to stand up. When we all did we received a very encouraging standing-o. Then he asked any young men who were thinking about or discerning the priesthood to stand up. I was so happy to see guys stand up from all over the place. The seminarians stood up and gave them a long applause with many confirming head-nods, hand-shakes, and waves. Then the Cardinal did the same for the women religious and young ladies. It was great to see so many youth on fire for the pro-life movement, discerning their vocation, and most especially our Blessed Lord in the Mass.

Uh out now... I present to you...The Louisville Coalition!

That's me, Michael Wimsatt, and Fr. Gladstone "Bud" Stevens, a Sulpician from the Archdiocese of Louisville. He's been on the faculty for about 4 years or so and is the Dean of Students. I had him last semester for Intro to Catholic Theology and Epistemology. All I can say is the man is top notch in many many ways... and I'm not just saying that because he's the Dean!

It's just Mike and I here at St. Mary's (and we have a couple guys elsewhere), but I have no worries, my prediction still stands ;)

More pics of the faithful:

Coming up: Pics and comments on the March for Life.

St. Gianna Beretta Molla, pray for us.


Darby Dugger said...

Hey Matt,

I just wanted to let you know that I will be praying for you since you are having a "not so hot" week. If you have any specific prayer needs - just let me know.

God Bless,

mhodskins said...

Hi Matt,

Glad to see you enjoyed the "March for Life" in Washington. I attended back in '98 and had a wonderful experience. Wishing you well.

Matt Hodskins