Friday, September 09, 2005

yesterday and today

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Blessed Mother!
Happy Birthday to you!

Today we had pictures made for our ID cards and we all had to wear clerics. So today was officially the first day I'd ever put on a clerical shirt before. I felt kinda weird but I'm not really sure why.

Classes are great so far. At some point I'll post about what I'm doing in each one.

Also today I chose my spiritual director. We got an email with the priests on and off campus who had openings. Only a few were on campus so I felt pressure to choose one of them because the gas prices are so high that I'd rather not drive all over Maryland, yunno what I mean? But I've been wracking my brain since I've been here on who I should choose. I take this decision very seriously. First I was hung up on the whole liberal/conservative thing and if I should pick someone likeminded or not or if that even matters. Then I decided it doesn't and what really matters is A:) If he is personally holy and B:) If he could discern well the movement of the Holy Spirit, or lack thereof, in my life. I tend to get all bent outta shape with decisions like this! So I decided to pray one decade of the rosary for Mary's intercession. Since today is Friday, the day of the Sorrowful Mysteries, I was meditating on our Blessed Lord's agony in the garden. I didn't realize until the 8th Hail Mary that His agony in the garden was part of his Passion. Then I rememberd that one of the priests that I was thinking about choosing is in fact a Passionist. So I decided to go with him. I sent him an email and am waiting for his response. Thank you Blessed Mother for your guidance.

At 3:00pm we've got a Bocce Ball tournament. Me and my d.b. (diocesan brother), Michael Wimsatt, are going to be partners. Go Archdiocese of Louisville!!

God Bless

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