Monday, February 05, 2007

the ministry of Acolyte

Last Wednesday, Jan 31, I received the Ministry of Acolyte from Most Rev. Richard J. Malone, Th.D., Bishop of the Diocese of Portland, Maine. Home of the wonderful, Amy Manocchia - my twin brother Nick's girlfriend - and a few guys here at St. Mary's.

It was a joy to receive this Ministry alongside my good and dear friend Dan Hoffman just like when we received the Ministry of Lector last year.

My dad flew up for it too. It was great to have him here. I was glad to be able to introduce him to the guys and have them get to know him. He had a great visit and even said he felt like he was "on retreat."

Here's some pics:

My Dad took most of 'em. Thanks to Deacon Joe Wiz for the 4th and 6th ones. Great pics Joe!


subrosa said...


Amy said...

AAAAHHHHHH that's my Bishop!!! That is SO COOL! *freaks out*

Sorry, I had to get that out...I love my Bishop. :-)

That's so amazing, congratulations Matty!

Eeeeee Bishop! *hugs self*

Amy said...

Was Msgr. Caron there too? He's also amazingly cool.

Laura H. said...

That's wonderful, Matt. I have to say again that the reverence you have for each of these ministries is SO refreshing.

The Lord bless your ministry...