Wednesday, December 07, 2005

New Seminarian blog

This blog is from a good friend of mine who is taking some time off from seminary to discern his vocation in relation to his artwork. He really is a brilliant artist and much of his work was used throughout the seminary. He's now keeping a blog of his philosophy of art with samples. He's done some beautiful charcoal scenes from the movie, The Passion and of our late Holy Father. Please check out his blog. He's a dear friend and I'm glad to stay in touch with him in this way. I hope you'll find his work as inspirational as I have. He is equally inspirational in person.

Art Is Servant

God Bless you Dave!


Laura said...

wow... just wow.

David Myers said...

Brother Matt!
Thank you so much for sharing my blog on your own! Your words are a much-needed edification. I am trying to get some more devotional work done, but have been bogged down in doing renderings for people of their family members, dogs, etc. I am going to try to begin soon a drawing of Maximilian Kolbe. I hope that your break has been good. I know you will be starting back up with a new semester. Our Lady keep you! Let me know how things are going:
Thanks again, brother!